Creating timeless Elegance in form and technique


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It all begin by putting an idea on paper. The creature of comfort is being well thought and visualized before being molded as a furniture.

Our products are made to meet the needs of today’s work. We incorporate decades’ worth of technological and ergonomic enhancements to improve the health-positive designs, and widen the range of cross-performance capabilities.

Designed to perfection

At Minister, we think about the well-being connection between your body and the furniture. The classic creation of comfort, before the amazing evolution, is born as prologue on a paper. The aesthetic majesty is visualized here before furthering into the final manufacturing.


with precision

Design thinking is focused on understanding people's needs and discovering the best solutions to meet those needs.

When it comes to building furniture products, design is the most important element we invest in and this is what sets us apart from others and gives us a real edge over our competitors.


A design evolution

The design process is a series of steps that our product teams follows during the formulation of a product from start to finish. We’ve a solid well-structured process that is essential for two reasons: It helps us to stay focused and helps us to stay on schedule. While it’s impossible to provide a universal design process that fits all projects, but it’s still possible to describe a general flow that we follow.


Defining the
product vision

Every design project needs a product vision that sets the direction and guides to our product development team. This process captures the essence of the product and the critical information regarding the furniture product that the team must know in order to develop and launch a successful product line.


Product Research

Once the product vision is defined, product research provides the other half of the foundation for a great design. Our responsibilities lies with the people who will use the products we design. User research is key to designing a great user experience. Conducting user research enables us to understand what the users actually need and help us build the perfect furniture.


Ideating the

The ideation phase is a time when our team members brainstorm on a range of creative ideas that address the project goals. Our product designing team have a lot of techniques for ideation: from sketching, which is very helpful for visualizing what some aspects of the design will look like, to storyboarding, which is used to visualize the overall interactions with a product.


Product Model

After the ideation phase, our product team will begin to create the solution to solve the client’s problem and implement concepts. This process is a vital part of our production. A prototype is an experimental model of an idea that enables us to test it before building the full solution for our clients.


Testing And

The testing and validation phase helps our product team ensure the design concept works as intended. Product testing is an art in itself. This process is a crucial part of our doings because there are possibilities of incredible and unexpected insights that sometimes changes our product strategy and result in an absolute bigger success.


Post Production

To design successful products, our teams need to adopt a process of continual improvement. It’s a process of constantly refining and improving the product based on both qualitative and quantitative feedback data from clients. This allows us improve our work based on user feedback and make the product inherently more valuable to users.

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