Warranty Policy

A 3 years warranty is assured for all products under the Minister Furniture brand.

Warranty by Minister (the “Products”) is for a period of 3 years

Minister warranty is a promise to our valuable customers in terms of relationship and trust. We value trust and interest of our customers and we are awake to redress imperfection or complaints on our products subjected to terms and conditions.


All products carries standard warranty of 3 years from date of purchase, except for products from third party supplier or customer requested product with customised specifications.

• Warranty is applicable for all component defects or manufacturing defects.
• Warranty will be done over defective parts by replacing the component by the company without any service charges or component cost during the warranty period.
• Invoice submission is mandatory for warranty claiming.
• In case of replacement of any components, warranty thereafter continues and remains for the unexpired period only.


• Damages occurred due to any disasters like flood, fire, earth quake or such calamities.
• Wear and tear damages on mesh or fabric including peel off on leatherette or PU material.
• Rusting or corrosion occurred on metal components due to coastal winds.
• Intentional or damages occurred due to self repair on product.
• Scratches or markings other than manufacturing defects
• Discolouration of materials due to soiling or stain
• Damages due to entry of water or excess hot or cold temperature into product
• Damages due to improper handling or lifting or shifting
• Damages occurs due to excessive weight or load kept over the product than approved weight.
• Theft or missing of any physical components of the product
• Breakage of glasses / mirrors or any other fragile parts of a product
• Any alteration or repairs made by unauthorised persons
• Damages occurred due to electrical shortages / voltage variations
• If serial number or warranty sticker is deleted, defected or altered.
• For customised third party fittings like lights, electrical or any other components.

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